The Din-Split takes Analogue Din-Sync (24 or 48 PPQ) from either Sync-Gen II PRO/LE or LS (or your Din-Sync hardware device) and converts this format to simultaneous 24/12 or 48/24 +5VDC Clock Pulses and Logic High +5VDC/S-Trig Start/Stop Transport Commands to accurately drive LinnDrum, LM1, Oberheim DSX/DMX etc.


* Dual Din-Sync Input/Thru Sockets
* TRS Transport Output Socket: Tip=S-Trig and Ring=V-Trig
* TRS Sync Pulse Output Socket: Tip=24/48 PPQ and Ring=12/24 PPQ
* Quantized Footswitch Stop/Restart
* 9VDC

Included Accessories:-

* Universal Power Supply
* 2 x TRS-Dual Mono Socket Adaptors
* DP-2 Footswitch
* Braided Din-Sync Cable



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