Precision Tempo-Grid and Sample-Accurate Modular Synthesizer to DAW Synchronisation System

The Sync-Gen IILS package includes:-

Sync-Gen IILS Eurorack DAW Sync Interface Module with:-

- 1 x Sync-Gen II Clock Pulse Input (Switchcraft 1/4" TS)
- 1 x Sync-Gen II Transport Pulse Input (Switchcraft 1/4" TS)
- 9 x Simultaneous Rhythmic Division Pulse Outputs (1/8" Mini Jack - 5ms/+5VDC)
- 1 x Selectable Dual Triplet Division Pulse Output (1/8" Mini Jack - 5ms/+5VDC)
- 8 x Precision Rhythmic Division Invert Toggle Switches
- 1 x Dedicated Reset Pulse Output (1/8" Mini Jack - 5ms/+5VDC)
- 1 x Phase Synchronous Din-Sync Output
- 1 x Phase Synchronous Midi Clock Output
- 13 x LEDs for Input Signal, Trigger and Reset Outputs and Tempo/BPM Count

- Sync-Gen II Software Installer (VST/AU/EFX/RTAS/AAX) Win/OSX - 32/64 bit
- Operation Manual
- Euro Power Ribbon
- MOTM Style +/-15VDC Power Harness
- M2.5 and M3 Black Hex Mounting Hardware
- M2.5 and M3 Black Nylon Mounting Washers

3 Year Warranty. Lifetime Technical Support.


Future Music Issue 266

Published on May 3, 2013 - On Sale 09/05/13

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Audio Technology - Issue 94

Published April, 2013


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