Time Travel Dreams - Blackpool, UK - 1974: Tardis Control Room

Q-Theatre Production, Krapps Last Tape - 1988: Manual Tape Sync.

Kings Cross Sessions - 1997: Hands On Analoge Mixdown - Mackie 24.4VLZ

Blue Mountains - The Notator Sessions - 1999

The smiles are obvious. The reason is the Atari. After months and months of struggling with expensive Opcode Studio 4 and Studio 5LX midi multiport serial interfaces driving good hardware from a Macintosh PPC running Logic Audio Platinum we purchased a complete vintage Atari 1040STE/Notator SL package. Shortly after this photo was taken the Mac and the Studio 5LX became the studio door stop and never again returned to active service.

Milk Crate Studios - 1999 - The Mountain Mohair Sessions

Roland SH-101, Mackie 24.4 VLZ, Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCAR, Roland A-80 Master Keyboard, Akai S-3200XL, Dual Roland SDE-3000, Sony PCM-2700 DAT Recorder, B&W Matrix 805 Monitors.

Milk Crate Studios - 1999

A few gems from my early analogue days. The venerable Roland VP-330 MKI Vocoder, a smallish System 100M modular and a Korg MS-20. The computer to the left is a Commodor PET - completely useless but it was too good looking to leave on the side of the road.

Willoughby - 2004

Original Driscol Modular, Alex's Pro-One, Roland CR-8000, Oberheim Xpander and Roland Alpha Juno 2.

Newtown - 2000: A young Xavier sorting out the patchbays.

Pandora: A naked TR-808.

Stanmore 2008 - The Golden Age of Hardware Syncronisation

Garfield Sync-Delay, Mini Doc, Doctor Click II, 3 x Friend-Chip SRC MKI units.

Farnell Sound Sync Indicator - Circa 1969

Found this in a junk shop sometime in 2003.

Sync-Shift MkI: Prototype Revision I

Alex Olup - Summer Hill FSK Tracking Experiments - All Systems Are Go!

Oberheim Xpander, Roland MC-4B, OlupHack Custom SH-2, Roland VS-2480DVD, B&W Matrix 805 Monitors.

Sync-Shift MkI: Prototype Revision II - Vernier Shift Control

Stanmore 2007

The very best of German and American 80's synchronisation hardware.

Lewisham Labs - Studios Éclectique: 2009

Analogics-ACS, WMS Sequencer, Friend-Chip SRC MkI, Roland System 100, Akai MPC-60, Garfield Electronics Mini Doc, Monash Psychology Department Dual Pulse Generator, TipTop Audio Z3000, Synthesizers Dot Com Moog Multimode Resonant Filter Clone, Damon Physics Oscillator, 1954 Tri-Oscillator Bank with Matrix FM, Twin 1945 Morse Code Generators, Harvestman VCF, Voicematic Progammable VCA Bank, Urei 964 Metronome, Garfield Electronics Masterbeat.

Early Sync-Shift MkI Design Sketch

Annandale 2004

Original Driscol Modular, Kawai 100F,  Custom Modular Red SH-101, Analog Solutions Dual 8 Step Sequencer Modules,  Roland CR-8000, Paia Fatman, Roland TR-808, Micromoog,  OlupHack FR-777

Alex - Lewisham Labs - Dueling TR-808s

Early Sync-Shift MkI hardware trials.

Josh W - Another late night on the Pokmoh: Pure Soviet Beatdown 

Early ICS Logo

Hardware Artwork Drafts

Sync-Shift MKII Early Panel Art


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