After twelve fun years we decided the time has come to take a break.

In 2004, products dedicated to achieving accurate tempo-synchronisation and event alignment across multiple devices were relatively rare. Discussions online about the topic were also hard to find.

We always hoped these closely related issues would be discussed more widely in the music production community over time and this is indeed the case in 2016.

We also understood from day one that other manufacturers would begin offering similar and complementary products in what is still a relatively niche market.

We have a small handful of our products remaining in stock locally. Please email us directly if you really must have one and we'll see what we can do. For European and North American customers both Schneiders Buero and Analogue Haven may still have stock on hand for the short term.

We will maintain the website indefinitely and our Sync-Gen II software will remain up to date and free to download as new and updated DAW software applications and computer operating systems are released. Again, please get in contact if you have any questions or concerns.

The Litmus Page will remain active but will no longer be updated.

Thanks to all our customers for the genuine support and encouragement over the years and best of luck in your future musical adventures.

We've been in the game for well over sixty years between us so there is every chance we'll be back for more in some shape or form.

Regards and much respect to all - David and Warren


'Always note the sequencer. It will never let us down'

Rage Hard - Frankie Goes to Hollywood - ZTT - ZCiD22

Respect always and thanks for the music.

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