Necessity - The Mother of Invention

When we designed and released both the original Sync-Shift MKI in 2004 and the Sync-Shift Mk II in 2006 we had real needs that required a real solution - correcting Start Lag Time in Tempo-Synchronized systems. 

One long-term issue of continual frustration over many years for us has been the poor stability of external Midi Clock Tempo Synchronization in a software environment. A full analysis of this problem is beyond the scope of this introduction but the issue is an old and familiar one to all of you of that I am certain.

In our experience, electronic music producers these days usually fall into two main groups - those that choose all hardware over software and those that choose to do everything inside a single computer using plug-ins and softsynths. 

There are a number of reasons for this of course but a major one is the difficulty in achieving reliable synchronization and solid rhythmic feel between computer music applications and sequencing hardware that lives 'outside the box'.

The Problem

1. Latency - The difference between the time it takes for your soundcard to generate its own internal audio and the start time of all your external gear. 

2. Midi Clock Slop - PC/Mac (and some hardware too) generated Midi Clock from Firewire or USB is mostly unstable and even the best specified external Hardware (think MPC-3000/Elektron Machine Drum) will run rough when driven from even the best software DAW application.

The Solution

In early 2009 we set about trying to find a no-compromise solution to this problem so that we could close the gap between computers and external hardware in tight, rhythmic electronic music production. 

Our Sync-Lock lets you still use a PC/Mac - any application of your choice - and generate sample/grid/tempo-accurate simultaneous Midi Clock, Din Sync and Voltage Triggers for your analogue gear too.

* Original Sync-Lock precision Tempo-Sync conversion engine.
* Phase Synchronous Midi Clock Output x 1.
* Phase Synchronous Din Sync Outputs x 1.
* TRS Analogue Variable Division Arp Trigger Output.

The Sync-Lock/Sync-Gen II combination works with any existing multichannel soundcard and requires absolutely no modification to your existing hardware. It is a genuine Plug-and-Play system that lets you get 'out of the box' to concentrate on making, recording and enjoying music with external hardware again.

The Synq-Lock generates phase-synchronous Din-Sync, Midi Clock and Analogue Pulse Triggers within 20 microseconds (0.882 samples at 44.1 kHz) which in real terms means your external hardware and your DAW recorded audio line up perfectly in real-time every time. Your DAW audio and your external hardware sound like one tight machine.

Unlike software generated Midi Clock which is notoriously prone to slop and jitter, our new Sync-Gen II software feeds sample accurate and tempo-grid locked pulses from your DAW Host Application to the Sync-Lock which in turn generates ultra-precise and phase-synchronous Midi Clock, Din Sync and Voltage Triggers to feed all your external hardware. They sound they way they were designed to and tracking perfectly synchronised playback back into the DAW with zero sync jitter means the recorded audio lines up exactly with your grid. No more time wasting waveform editing or re-quantizing of audio just to make things sit right plus you get to use ALL the recorded performance and not just a single bar.

For more details on our Sync-Gen II software follow the link:-

Innerclock Systems Sync-Gen II is a purpose-designed and meticulously over-engineered sample and tempo-grid accurate external Sync and Transport Sequencer Software Plug-in with rock solid support for all DAW Host Applications across all major Platforms.


* Selectable Pattern Length: 1 to 8 Bars maximum
* Global Swing: 50% (off) to 75% (maximum)
* Global Swing Interval: 8ths or 16ths
* Global Pattern Rate: 12/16/24/32/48 Pulses per Quarter Note
* All Bars fully programmable with Copy, Paste and Default
* Maximum Steps per Bar: 16
* Steps Switchable: On or Off
* Active Bar Edit: On or Off
* Bar Swing Interval: 8ths or 16ths
* Bar Rate: 12/16/24/32/48 Pulses per Quarter Note
* Bar Start Step: 1-16
* Bar Length: 1-16


* Seamless Integrated DAW Transport Master Follow
* Selectable Pattern Length: 1 to 8 Bars maximum
* All Bars programmable with Copy, Paste and Default
* Maximum Steps per Bar: 16
* Steps Switchable: On or Off
* Bar Start Step: 1-16
* Bar Length: 1-16

Other Features:-

* Fully Assignable Outputs
* Adjustable Swing Blur
* Manual Force Stop and Quantized Manual Re-Start
* External Sync Push and Drag adjustable in samples
* Midi Controller Assignment and Real-Time learn over all functions

Sync-Gen II Software is available for existing Original Sync-Lock owners.

Any DAW. Any External Hardware. Vintage or Contemporary.

Grid-Accurate, Jitter and Latency-Free Midi Clock, Din Sync and Analogue Trigger generation from your Mac or PC. 


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