Innerclock Systems Sync-Gen II is a purpose-designed and meticulously engineered sample-position accurate and tempo-grid precise External Sync and Transport Sequencer Software Plug-in with rock-solid support for all DAW Host Applications across all major Platforms.


* Selectable Pattern Length: 1 to 8 Bars maximum
* Global Swing: 50% (off) to 75% (maximum)
* Global Swing Interval: 8ths or 16ths
* Global Pattern Rate: 12/16/24/32/48 Pulses per Quarter Note
* All Bars fully programmable with Copy, Paste and Default
* Maximum Steps per Bar: 16
* Steps Switchable: On or Off
* Active Bar Edit: On or Off
* Bar Swing Interval: 8ths or 16ths
* Bar Rate: 12/16/24/32/48 Pulses per Quarter Note
* Bar Start Step: 1-16
* Bar Length: 1-16


* Seamless Integrated DAW Transport Master Follow
* Selectable Pattern Length: 1 to 8 Bars maximum
* All Bars programmable with Copy, Paste and Default
* Maximum Steps per Bar: 16
* Steps Switchable: On or Off
* Bar Start Step: 1-16
* Bar Length: 1-16

Other Features:-

* Fully Assignable Outputs
* Adjustable Swing Blur
* Manual Force Stop and Quantized Manual Re-Start
* External Sync Push and Drag adjustable in samples
* Midi Controller Assignment and Real-Time learn over all functions


Sync-Gen II is designed specifically for use with the Original Sync-Lock, Sync-Gen IILE, Sync-Gen IILS and Sync-Gen IIPRO precision hardware synchronisation interfaces.

All these devices convert pulses generated by the Sync-Gen II software into grid-accurate, tempo-stable and phase aligned Midi Clock, Din Sync and Analogue Trigger Pulses for external hardware and software synchronisation from your Digital Audio Workstation.

All interfaces generate their outgoing sync within 20 microseconds (0.882 samples at 44.1 kHz) of receiving a pulse signal.

In the real world this equates to zero sync latency between your DAW Audio track playback and your external sequencing and drum machine hardware or software applications.

* Integrated DAW External Slave Transport Control

Sync-Gen II generates Start and Stop Pulses automatically from your DAW Transport commands.

* Sync Swing

Swing or shuffle is usually a function set in each external hardware device. Certain classic vintage drum machines like the Roland TR-808, TR-606 and the MC-4, MC-202 and TB-303 analogue sequencers have no internal swing feature. The ability to drive these vintage devices from an externally swung sync signal makes this possible. Sync-Gen II provides Global Sync Swing and Individual Bar Sync Swing in both 8th and 16th divisions. The ability to set individual bars to swing values that override the Global Swing setting allows for many new creative rhythmic programming applications.

* Programmable Sync Sequencer

Sync-Gen II offers the same intuitive rhythmic programmability as a traditional analogue Sixteen-Step CV and Gate Sequencer that generates sequenced sync pulses instead of musical notes. Traditional software and hardware generated Midi Clock and Din Sync are continuous streams. Everything starts at the beginning of bar one and stays in that rhythmic position until stop is received. Using Sync-Gen II allows for vast compositional scope beyond these conventional sync methods. By a single mouse click, switching off a 16th Sync-Sequencer Step in Sync-Gen II your external hardware pauses for a perfect rhythmic 16th and picks up again while always maintaining accurate tempo-sync and relative grid position with your DAW audio playback. Your external sequencers or drum machines continuously vary their rhythmic offset and create instant, organic syncopation and continuously evolving patterns and feels that would be almost impossible to program manually.

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