-Dual Channel Analogue Clock and Reset Pulse outputs
-Discreet Output Pulse Step Interval Selection Switches
-Rhythmic Tempo Multiples and Divisions: 1/2/2T/4/4T/8/8T/16/16T/32
-Quantized Real-Time Pulse Rate Interval Switching
-Variable Pulse Width Output per channel: 1ms - 50ms
-Variable Voltage Output per channel: 0-15 Volts DC
-Analogue Step-Gate Input per channel
-TRS Step and Reset 1/4" Outputs provide +ve Voltage (Tip) and S-Trig (Ring)
-Dedicated Midi Clock Thru Port
-Dedicated Din Sync Thru Port
-Internal Midi Clock to Din Sync Conversion with proprietry ICS-Phase processing IC
-Internal Din Sync to Midi Clock Conversion with proprietry ICS-Phase processing IC
-Selectable external Midi Clock or Din Sync as Master Sync Source

Designed for use with any Midi Clock or Din Sync hardware Master Device or connect to any DAW software application with our Sync-Gen IILE or Sync-Gen IIPRO interfaces to provide zero jitter and latency-free external analogue step-sequencer synchronisation.


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