Clock Watch

Midi Clock.  Simple in concept and mostly taken for granted its importance is often overlooked. We simply connect up, press play and enjoy the ride.

Or not.

Some clocks are better at keeping good time than others and if you use Midi Clock in your sequencing setup you need to know if your master tempo Midi Clock source really is up to the job or not.

By modifying a standard Midi cable and then connecting these to a 1/4″ audio jack, Midi data pulses are converted to audio clicks which may then be recorded to any DAW software application to check timing stability.

The maths is very straight forward:-

Midi Clock runs at 24 pulses per rhythmic quarter note.

At 120 BPM this equates to 2880 Midi Clock Pulses per minute.

A DAW recording sample rate of 48 kHz captures 2,880,000 audio samples per minute.

At 120 BPM there should be exactly 1000 samples between each Midi Clock pulse when
recorded at 48 kHz.