More FAQs from the Sync-Vault

Syncing an Akai MPC-3000/60 to a DAW via the Sync-Lock.

“With the DAW now acting as the sync-master via the Sync-Lock will this compromise or change the MPC timing/groove/feel especially with unquantized sequences?”

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Have no fear regarding the MPC feel being compromised in any way using the Sync-Lock. We have both the Akai MPC-3000 and original MPC-60 MK I units in our studio facility and we have tested this extensively.

Three things to consider:-

1: The MPC Internal Timing Engine and Tempo Event Scheduler are very accurate.

2: Any unquantized sequencing feel is always played back faithfully on top of this precise internal timing grid. The unquantized playback feel you hear has nothing to do with a change in the MPC internal timing engine.

3: Applying a sloppy external sync signal to your MPC will affect the core stability of the internal timing engine and tempo event scheduler and therefore compromise the feel of both quantized and unquantized feels in equal measure.

By driving your MPC from the Sync-Lock you get precision external-sync which means it will always playback faithfully to how it performs under its own internal-sync.