The Perfect Click Track

More interesting OCD stuff from our archives.

Close to 100 years between these devices always looking for that perfect click track with whatever technology they had available to them at the time.

Both beautiful in their own way.

UREI 964 Digital Metronome

UREI 964 Operation Manual – 1974


Paquet-Maelzel Mechanical Metronome

Philippe-Nicolas Paquet was born on the 8th Oct 1823. His father was a watch maker and Phillipe followed the family tradition entering the time-keeping industry. He settled in Paris, working for the Maelzel Metronome company and after the death of Johann Nepomuk Mäelzel in 1838 eventually took over the running of the factory, in 1846. Paquet went on to establish a new small machine tools plant and metronome producing plant in Beaumont Sur Oise in 1867 winning many awards at International exhibitions. The factory in Beaumont remained in production until 1983. The two dates shown on the majority of Paquet – Maelzel metronome trade labels are 1815-1846, the former being the year the patent was first approved by Maelzel and 1846 being the year that Paquet took over the helm.