Tip and Tricks: Sync-Shift MKII

The Sync-Shift MKII is actually three totally separate and very useful devices in one package. Rather than making all the connections internally we designed the MKII so that all three functions can be used independently and simultaneously if required.

1: Midi Clock to Din Sync Conversion – connect your DAW or Hardware Midi Clock Master to your vintage TR-808/TB-303 for precision Tempo-Sync conversion.

2: The Sync-Shift Engine – set the start offset switches on the MKII to any combination for rhythmic syncopation and then use the real-time Sync-Shift control to fine the perfect feel sweet spot and lock it in.

3: Din-Sync to Midi Clock Conversion – less common these days but very cool all the same. Love the feel and control of your vintage sequencer or drum machine? Make your TR-808 the Sync-Master and drive your DAW or Midi Clock Hardware as Tempo-Slaves.

Sync-Shift MKIII Blog.png