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Software generated MIDI clock is susceptible to jitter.

Driving external hardware with unstable sync results in poor tempo stability, loss of rhythmic feel and problems maintaining accurate DAW grid alignment.

Many drum machines and sequencers use older Din-Sync or voltage clock pulse synchronisation methods and integrating these devices in a DAW studio environment requires conversion, adding latency and jitter.

Sync-Gen IILS works with any audio interface and requires no modification to your existing hardware. It is a plug-and-play, set and forget system that seamlessly integrates external sequencing hardware into your production workflow.

The included Sync-Gen II software plug-in delivers sample-accurate and tempo-stable sync pulses from your DAW to the Sync-Gen IILS interface which generates MIDI clock, Din-Sync and clock pulses to accurately synchronise your external sequencing hardware. Recording slave-synchronised performances into your DAW with zero sync-jitter and a consistent start position means the audio lines up exactly with your grid. No more time spent waveform editing or re-quantising of audio just to make things sit right plus you get to use the whole recorded performance and not just a single bar.

Outgoing sync is generated within 20 microseconds of DAW play and record ensuring consistent, repeatable, zero-latency synchronisation between DAW audio and external sequencing hardware.

Sync-Gen IILS allows you to use the DAW of your choice to generate sample, grid and tempo-accurate simultaneous MIDI clock, Din-Sync and analogue clock pulses. It uses identical design to our compact LE and expanded PRO versions in a modular eurorack format.

* Clock pulse input (Switchcraft 1/4" TS) x 1

* Transport pulse input (Switchcraft 1/4" TS) x 1

* Rhythmic division pulse outputs (1/8" Mini Jack - 5ms/+5VDC) x 9

* Selectable triplet division pulse output (1/8" Mini Jack - 5ms/+5VDC) x 1

* Rhythmic division invert select toggle switches x 8

* Dedicated reset pulse output (1/8" Mini Jack - 5ms/+5VDC) x 1

* Phase-synchronous Din-Sync output x 1

* Phase-synchronous MIDI clock output x 1

* LEDs for input signal, trigger and reset outputs and tempo/BPM count

* Sync-Gen II software installer - WIN/MAC - 32/64 bit


* Operation manual

* Eurorack power ribbon

* MOTM +/-15VDC power harness

* M2.5 and M3 black hex mounting hardware

* M2.5 and M3 black nylon mounting washers

Operation Manual

Customer Feedback

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