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Software generated MIDI clock is susceptible to jitter.

Driving external hardware with unstable sync results in poor tempo stability, loss of rhythmic feel and problems maintaining accurate DAW grid alignment.

Many drum machines and sequencers use older Din-Sync or voltage clock synchronisation. Integrating these devices in a DAW studio environment requires conversion, adding latency and jitter.

Sync-Gen II is a sample-position accurate synchronisation plug-in specifically for use with our Sync-Gen IIPRO, Sync-Gen IILE and Sync-Gen IILS interfaces.


These interfaces convert signals generated by the Sync-Gen II plug-in into jitter-free, grid-accurate, tempo-stable and phase-aligned MIDI clock, Din-Sync and analogue clock pulses to accurately synchronise external hardware sequencers and drum machines to your DAW.

Sync-Gen II works with any audio interface and requires no modification to your existing hardware.

Outgoing sync is generated within 20 microseconds of DAW play and record ensuring consistent, repeatable, zero-latency synchronisation between DAW audio and external sequencing and drum machine hardware.

Sync-Gen II is a set-and-forget system that requires no complex setup or prior synchronisation experience. Install the plug-in, route the outputs and press play.

Advanced options and all user-programmable features can be accessed as required.

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Hardware sequencers and drum machines take time to respond to external synchronisation commands. Sync-Gen II provides up to 4096 samples of bi-directional latency compensation.

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Swing or shuffle is usually a function set in each external hardware device. Vintage drum machines like the Roland TR-808, TR-606, CR-8000 and the MC-4, MC-202 and TB-303 analogue sequencers have no internal swing feature. Synchronising these devices from a modulated source makes this possible. Sync-Gen II provides global swing and individual bar swing in both 8th and 16th divisions. Setting individual bars to swing values and lengths that override the global settings allows for many new creative rhythmic programming applications.

* Programmable Sync and Transport Sequencing

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Sync-Gen II offers the same intuitive rhythmic programmability as a traditional analogue sixteen-step sequencer generating sync pulses instead of musical notes. Software and hardware generated MIDI clock and Din-Sync are continuous streams. Patterns start playback at the beginning of the bar and stay in that grid-relative position until stop is received. Sync-Gen II allows for compositional scope beyond this conventional sync method. Create a ‘sync-pattern’ using up to eight programmable bars each with independent settings for clock rate, swing amount, start step and length. Switch off a sync-step and external slave devices pause for a rhythmic 16th while always maintaining accurate tempo-sync and grid-relative position with the DAW. External sequencers and drum machines will continuously vary their rhythmic offset position against the DAW quantise grid creating real-time syncopation and evolving patterns and feels.

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DAW generated MIDI clock runs at 24 PPQ. If the DAW project tempo is 120 BPM then the slave sequencer or drum machine will follow at the same tempo. Sync-Gen II allows you to set the outgoing clock rate to rhythmic multiples and divisions of the project tempo.

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* Version 1.50 Update May 2019

* New Cue Mode provides eight programmable drop-in/drop-out markers

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* Selectable total pattern length: 1 to 8 Bars maximum

* Global swing: 50% (off) to 75% (maximum)

* Global swing interval: 8ths or 16ths

* Global pattern rate: 12/16/24/32/48 PPQ

* All bars fully programmable with copy, paste and default

* Maximum steps per bar: 16

* Steps switchable: On or Off

* Active bar edit: On or Off

* Individual bar swing interval: 8ths or 16ths

* Individual bar rate: 12/16/24/32/48 PPQ

* Individual bar start step: 1-16

* Individual bar length: 1-16

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* Integrated DAW transport follow

* Selectable total pattern length: 1 to 8 bars maximum

* All bars programmable with copy, paste and default

* Maximum steps per bar: 16

* Steps switchable: On or Off

* Individual bar start step: 1-16

* Individual bar length: 1-16

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* Fully assignable outputs

* Adjustable swing blur

* Manual force stop and quantised manual re-start

* External sync push and drag against DAW grid adjustable in samples

* MIDI controller assignment and real-time MIDI learn over all functions

* Sync-Gen II software installer - WIN/MAC - 32/64 bit

* Designed in Australia

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